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Duck oil Smashed Potatoes

With The Frenchie Truffle Mayo


First off, we hope you ducking love these duck oil smashed potatoes, we spent a good few nights perfecting this recipe and we think it's absolutely quacking!


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  • Our Duck Oil & Truffle Mayo are £6.50 each, or you can get both in a bundle for £10.

  • If you're into your truffle, we also have a 2 x Truffle Mayo bundle for £12!

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  • You can view all of the ingredients & storage instructions on the item page in our shop, but for your info they're also below :


Our mayonnaise is infused with high quality black truffle infused extra virgin olive oil. Our recipe has never changed! It is our signature ingredient in our famous Duck Confit Burger and used as a condiment for our chips.

In our Duck Oil we use pure duck fat infused with mixed herbs, garlic, pepper, paprika. It’s great when added to the last 10 minutes to roasted potatoes. It will add that extra flavour when used as a marinade to meat, chicken and why not duck! 

The Truffle mayonnaise can be kept refrigerated once opened. As you would preserve regular mayonnaise. Our Duck oil can be kept at room temperature or refrigerated.

Truffle Oil ingredients:

Rapeseed oil, free range pasteurised egg yolk, water, spirit vinegar, sugar, salt, lemon juice concentrate, flavouring, antioxidant (calcium disodium edta), paprika extract, extra virgin olive oil, dehydrated black truffle.

Duck Oil ingredients:

Duck fat, paprika, garlic granules, mixed herbs, black pepper, salt.

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